Coffee-seminar - 2004

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Date Speaker Title Remarks Chairman
14.01.2004 Markus Geuss Ferroelectric sub-µm-structures of copolymer P(VDF-TrFE)-Lithography and characterization by scanning force microscopy Guest from HU Berlin M. Steinhart
21.01.2004 Frank Müller The Coffeeseminar - Anything to change?   J. Choi
28.01.2004 Jinsub Choi Fabrication of monodomain porous alumina using nanoimprint lithography and its applications   F. Müller
04.02.2004 Danilo Zschech Fabrication of ordered alumina structures: electropolishing and lithography with diblock-copolymers   J. Choi
11.02.2004 Frank Fleischer Strukturelle Untersuchungen im Stoffsystem ZnS-CuInS2 und PLD von (2ZnS)x(CuInS2)1-x-Schichten auf (100) GaP und Glas   D. Zschech
18.02.2004 R. Singh Design and Fabrication of InP based HBTs   F. Fleischer
25.02.2004 Alin Fecioru DLTS investigation of UHV bonded Si interfaces   R. Singh
03.03.2004 Mato Knez Virowires   A. Fecioru 
17.03.2004 Otto Breitenstein Introduction to DLTS techniques   M. Knez 
24.03.2004 Lili Zhao Compound semiconductor nanostructures by template wetting   O. Breitenstein
31.03.2004 Ulrike Rehn DNA-conjugated gold nanoparticles - absorption behavior influenced by cations   L. Zhao
07.04.2004 Otto Breitenstein Introduction to DLTS II: Advanced techniques   U. Rehn
14.04.2004 George Cirlin GaAs nanowhiskers on different GaAs surfaces   O. Breitenstein
21.04.2004 Otto Breitenstein Introduction to DLTS III: Our own system   G. Cirlin
28.04.2004 Martin Steinhart The ACS spring meeting 2004. Why to present a physical institute at the world's largest chemical conference   O. Breitenstein
19.05.2004 Sven Matthias 3D Photonic bandgap structures by anisotropic post-treatment of macroporous silicon   M. Steinhart
26.05.2004 Cécile Jamois Waveguides in SOI-based photonic crystal slabs for application to dispersion compensation Rehearsal talk S. Matthias
09.06.2004 Ulrike Rehn Phase Transition of DNA-linked Gold Nanoparticle Webs   C. Jamois
23.06.2004 Tonio Buonassisi Applications of synchrotron-based microprobe techniques to the study of transition metal nanodefects in multicrystaline silicon solar cell material   U. Rehn
28.06.2004 Stefan Richter Periodische Punktdefektstrukturen und Quantenpunktemitter in 2D-Photonischen Kristallen Rehearsal talk, german, 10:30  
30.06.2004 Frank Müller Time-resolved photoluminescence: our experimental setup   T. Buonassisi
21.07.2004 Cécile Jamois Fabrication of SOI-based photonic crystals by ICP etching   F. Müller
28.07.2004 Danilo Zschech Prepatterning of Substrates via Diblock Copolymers - latest Results and new Applications    
11.08.2004 Florian Kolb Diameter oszillations in silicon nanowires    
02.09.2004 Ksenia Boldyreva Lineare Doppelbrechung und Second Harmonic Generation von O18-ausgetauschtem SrTiO3 Guest from Uni. Duisburg, Thursday Florian
15.09.2004 Otto Breitenstein Imaging the series resistance in solar cells by lock-in thermography    
15.10.2004 Stefan Richter LCOS: Vor- und Nachteile einer Displaytechnologie Fri 14:00, deutsch  
20.10.2004 Johannes Hohlbein Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy: Background and Applications    
27.10.2004 Sven Matthias Macroporous silicon: Pushing the limits   J. Hohlbein
03.11.2004 Frank Fleischer Nanomanipulators in the JEOL JSM 6400 - knife fork & spoon in the nanoworld   S. Matthias
10.11.2004 Holger Pfaff Bioinspired Attachment Devices Guest from MPI-MF Stuttgart  
24.11.2004 Yutaka Wakayama Single-electron tunneling through molecular Coulomb island in MOS structure   F. Fleischer
01.12.2004 Volker Kuhlmann Stochastic parameter optimization for empirical molecular potentials   Y. Wakayama
08.12.2004 Otto Breitenstein Preparation of nonconducting thin infrared absorbing colloidal bismut films   V. Kuhlmann

Pati Rakatoniaina and Frank Müller, Jun 2001